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Georgina Kennedy

Account Executive at Cognassist

Georgina Kennedy - She/Her 

Occupational Psychologist and Account Executive at Cognassist


Which industry do you work in and what do you love and/or loathe about it? 

I work in the field of neurodiversity, I work for an Occupational Psychology Consultancy and we specialise in neurodiversity in the workplace. I joined the industry because I was struggling. I wanted to be out and proud, I wanted to help others be their true selves. I joined Lexxic when I was at rock bottom, I was going through therapy after the treatment by my previous employer. The silly thing about it all, is I was too ashamed to tell them the truth, but that is like so many others who are neurodiverse, you just feel stupid. What I love is that we change lives for the better, we help organisations to understand the value of neurodiverse minds and we help employers to empower and unlock the unique talents of neurodiverse employees. What I loathe is that so many companies still don’t have the right support in place, nor have an inclusive working environment.


How did you get into your job/industry? 

I bumped into Lexxic at an event, I saw the words Dyslexia and Neurodiversity on their poster. Being impulsive, I walked up to them and said “I am neurodiverse, if you want a salesperson, I am your woman”. I left my number and I got a call the following week, the rest is history. I wanted to change my negative experience and negative mindset into a positive one and I wanted to be open and to be able to disclose to my employer!

We spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it’s exhausting when you can’t be yourself. At Lexxic we practice what we preach, I  go to work every day and I can be me and I share my lived experience to help others. I love the fact I can shout about all the incredible things that neurodiverse minds can bring to any working environment. Being a square peg and trying to ram myself in a round hole is debilitating. The more we talk about neurodiversity, the more we normalise it and slowly the more we become accepted in society!


What advice would you give to another Neurodivergent woman navigating their way through life?

Be open, honest and be proud - don't be embarrassed to ask for support if you need it! Having an open honest working relationship with your manager is imperative! When you are able to bring your whole self to work, or you understand yourself fully, that's when you can really start to shine!


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