We are an Equity and Inclusion company educating businesses on Neurodiversity and empowering Neurodivergent Women in their work lives.

Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women 2023

“Get ready to meet the women who are our future and present day change makers - women who are, in their own way, disrupting the current narrative around Neurodiversity. We are female Founders, Scientists, Designers, Creatives, Artists, Actresses & Activists and much more. We are the future of innovation and change. We truly are Women Beyond the Box and we want to tell you the truth – the challenges, the adversity, the highs and the lows.”


Women Beyond The Box is a platform to celebrate Neurodivergent women. It acts as a resource and a reference point for Neurodivergent women navigating their own career path within work environments that were not designed with neuroinclusion in mind

Once a year, the platform celebrates the list of the Top 50 most influential Neurodivergent Women. This is a list like no other. Instead of a ‘recommendation to follow’ list, which often just reinforces shallow representation and honours people with existing platforms - the WBTB Top 50 is created from Women nominating themselves and their peers, and is then curated by a group of influential Neurodivergent women (including previous list alumni). This leads to a much more interesting and vibrant list - one with real representation. Women from very different industries and career paths; newly diagnosed, self-diagnosed, late diagnosed and those who have had a diagnosis since childhood. Women of all different races, religions, classes and ages. Despite these many differences and contrasts between these women’s backgrounds and their intersections; compiled together, their personal stories and career histories paint a common picture of resilience, determination, strength and creativity. More than anything else, you get a real picture of what it is like to be a Neurodivergent woman in the UK today navigating and building their own career that works for them.

The stories live on the website and are showcased across social media, which becomes not only a place for inspiration, but also serve as a practical roadmap and career tool for other Neurodivergent women to use in their own lives. Building connection across industry sectors, the list is the opposite of gatekeeping - demystifying career paths and providing validation, hope and reassurance for neurodivergent women building their careers.

This year, Women Beyond The Box will also be moving offline with a calendar of events to foster stronger links and relationships between the women, both in this list and previous ones.


Meet the Curators



Our trusted team of Curators possess a wide range of industry knowledge and expertise, but above all, they all share a strong commitment to promoting Neuro Inclusion in the workplace and ensuring that it is a healthy and happy environment for everyone.


If you would like to discuss sponsoring our 2024 list, please send enquiries to - partnerships@womenbeyondthebox.com