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Meet the founder

After a decade of working as a creative within luxury fashion, Emma Case launched her consulting, coaching and training business with a focus on women in senior leadership navigating their careers within male dominated environments. With a thriving global client base, Emma developed and delivered robust training programs across the UK and UAE.

Following an ADHD diagnosis, Emma noticed the lack of visibility and representation of women within the Neurodiversity conversation.

"After I found out that I had ADHD, I searched online for communities to join - at that time I desperately wanted reassurance and proof that Neurodivergent women could and do thrive in their careers, businesses and life in general. I’d hoped to find women like me, women who were using their innate differences to their advantage, women who were doing well because of their difference - not in spite of it."

"The list was born from a desire to amplify the voices and experiences of women who are creating ripples of change within their industries with the aim to change the narrative around Neurodiversity within the workplace. I was inspired to create a resource which serves as a careers tool and a reference point for Neurodivergent women navigating their own career path within work environments that were not designed with neuroinclusion in mind. My own experience of triumph and challenges within my career as a late diagnosed woman was the catalyst for the work that I now do within organizations.”

Women Beyond the Box officially launched on International Women's day in 2019, with the launch of the now critically acclaimed Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women’ list.

Drawing upon personal experience and that of her clients, Emma developed a series of ‘Curiosity Conversation’ programs with the sole purpose of educating and informing businesses on Neurodiversity, with an emphasis on women, intersectionality and marginalised groups.

“An understanding of intersectionality is the foundation to understanding the additional challenges faced by women in the workplace. Honest conversations are the starting point for action and accountability is what creates sustainable change. We need companies that are committed to creating neuro-inclusive environments which would give neurodivergent women the same opportunity to thrive as their Neurotypical peers. It is time. to accept that one size does not fit all within the workplace, this goes beyond neurodiversity. An organisation that sees the value in difference and actively welcomes it, is an organisation which will thrive. A step in the right direction would be to move towards curiousity and openness and away from judgement and fear".

“Women Beyond the Box is the platform that I wished had existed when I was navigating my own diagnosis and Curiosity Conversation is the program that I’d have loved my managers to attend. Neither existed, so I created them!”

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