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Victoria Gallardo

Partner & Creative at Creative Orchestra

Victoria Gallardo
Partner & Creative at Creative Orchestra
I think discovering that we think differently forces you to look at life differently. In Spain Dyslexia was not really recognised when I was a kid.  Despite the challenges I faced, I worked really hard and did manage to excel at school. What that taught me was to overcome any difference in a society that doesn’t adapt to your way of thinking or working is to push hard and work hard.
I see dyslexia as a gift because it pushed me into a more creative educational path. I ended up at Spain’s top arts university. As an artist, I did several exhibitions in Spain and Warsaw. Fate then took me into advertising. After a number of successful years in both Poland and Spain, I decided to head for London. 
When I arrived in the UK a top head hunter suggested I go back to Spain as I didn’t have UK experience - I thought being dyslexic was a challenge!
I decided to stay in London and less than 5 years later I had started my own agency, Creative Orchestra, which was a first for a Spanish woman in London. In fact, very few women have started agencies in London.
My advice to other Neurodivergent women is don’t be a victim. Your talents may not align with our linear society but don’t let that stop you. As old business models are being disrupted the world is looking for people who think differently, like dyslexics.

My overall view is to work hard, push hard and take no crap because talent rises through in the end. 

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