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Vanella Jackson

Global CEO at Hall & Partners

Vanella Jackson
Global CEO at Hall & Partners
I am dyslexic. I was diagnosed when I was ten years old. It took me a long time – well into my working life and only when I became more successful – to have the confidence to say this, openly and out loud.

That’s the thing about being different. It can sometimes make you feel you don’t quite fit in and, in my case, deeply ashamed.
Being dyslexic helps me see things differently to others. It’s given me a mind that likes to invent, connect and imagine. Indeed, I believe it’s played a vital role in my becoming a CEO and running a successful business.
The truth, of course, is that we’re all different in some way – it’s what makes us human. We all have different strengths, the things that mark us out as special.
This is why it’s really important to me that at Hall & Partners we celebrate difference and believe that everyone has unique strengths to contribute. And, in a business that understands people, I think it’s particularly important that we have a diverse range of talent and people with a wide array of different experiences. It helps us represent the society that we live in.
Retrieved from Hall and Partners blog written by Vanella Jackson

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