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Remi Ray

Award-winning Event Founder and Capsule Collection Creator

Remi Ray

Award-winning Event Founder and Founder of The Diverse Creative CIC

I now see my dyslexia as something that sits above the clouds, I spent a high proportion of my career and business journey wondering about how people judged me on my weaknesses, I now choose to work as much as possible in my strengths and the areas I struggle with I explore more instead of running away. 

I would say my highlights are being nominated and winning an award for my vision in plus size fashion, I would also say personally being ahead of the curve and not downplaying my potential because others may not get it. I believe wholeheartedly that my dyslexia, now that I embrace it has truly helped me immensely with being understanding and empathic to others. 

Do the work, excellence requires investment in personal development - be open enough to see your weaknesses and work on having a better relationship with them.


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