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Michelle Beckett

Founder of ADHD Action, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker

Michelle Beckett
Founder of ADHD Action, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker
It’s bloody exhausting, exasperating and exhilarating being the owner of an ADHD brain. 
I have kept the ADHD advocacy moving forward, for example, I’ve been to Parliament several times, taken part in round tables with MPs, spoken at an international conference, helped journalists write positive pieces on ADHD. I’m proud of these things, and proud I’ve written a report recently for the minister which we are optimistic will soon deliver some real changes for justice in the UK. But the energy these activities took was immense, a mask that drained me even more.
To sum up: even when we are successfully treated as ADHD adults, life events can come along and set you back a bit along the long road you’ve already travelled. To be an adult with ADHD, despite meds and a diagnosis, means you have to be on your toes to guard against this. And not beat yourself up if it happens, when you thought life was all rosy thanks to your diagnosis.
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