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Laura Henry-Allain MBE

Producer, Storyteller, Educationalist and Consultant

Laura Henry-Allain MBE (she/her)

Producer, Storyteller, Educationalist and Consultant

I wouldn’t say that being Neurodiverse has shaped my career per se. I have always been career minded and have a strong work ethic. The strengths I feel I gain from my dyslexia are: seeing the wider picture; being solution driven, creative and positive; an acceptance of risk; and being a people person.

Some of my career highlights since I started working freelance (which is over 17 years ago now); winning awards within the international education sector; writing for newspapers, journals and magazines, television and radio appearances as an expert in my field; published books including a children’s book that has become a BBC children’s TV series; working across the UK and globally as a leading expert within my industry.

What has helped me is being driven and focused, and having a can-do attitude. I have supportive family and friends, who encourage and guide me and this is mirrored back. I love being a role model for my sons. Top of the tree is to have a realistic work-life balance. Yoga is my thing, and this helps to ground me spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Most importantly, I know I need to always be learning and growing, personally and professionally.


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