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Kanndiss Riley

IT and Wellbeing industry

Kanndiss Riley - She/Her 

IT and Wellbeing industry


Which industry do you work in and what do you love and/or loathe about it? 

I work in the IT and Wellbeing industry. I love that both allow me to use my brain to come up with solutions and think out of the box. I loathe that neither have great representations for Black disabled women but I know it will get better with time.


How did you get into your job/industry? 

As a child, I loved computers and found them interesting, like a very complicated puzzle.  I got into dance as a child because my mum thought it would help my attention and memory. I think my mother wanted to give me the best of both to complement my neurodiversity and natural interests.

I went into IT because I thought I was good at it and enjoyed problem-solving/ working on projects also IT is sometimes a more solo role  which helps with my concentration and with my overall well-being, 


Have you always wanted to work in your industry?



Does it feel like a good 'fit' for you as a neurodivergent woman? 

I think at times either can create challenges such as being able to reduce my ideas done and not taking on too much because my idea is so large. On the other hand, my neurodivergence meant people have always commended my process brain, through working style and out-of-the-box thinking; yes I need clear KPIs and time span but I never let you down.



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