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Spoken word artist and Musician


Spoken word artist and Musician

Spoken Word artist, poetry slam champion and musician born and raised in Essex. On a personal mission to raise awareness and destigmatize the negative viewpoints surrounding ADHD in adults. Emy’s honest writing approach and dark humour delves into the minds of everyday people as well as her own wired brain. She has recently been a featured poet on BBC Radio London and her piece "Volume Control" has been viewed by thousands and shared by leading professors in Neuroscience at Universities. 

Describing herself as “Passionate, Chaotic and Scruffy” Emy’s relatable stories and electric performance are proving to be very popular on the UK spoken word scene.

My brain has always felt like a bit of a circus. I suffered for many years at the hands of my ADHD, having not received the support I so desperately needed. I went 28 years of my life having never met another girl or woman with ADHD which was incredibly isolating BUT there was always music and writing. My hyperfocus, which I truly believe, has saved my life. 

I now use my Spoken Word, Music and Public speaking as a platform to help others whilst continuing to learn, grow and use my colourful ADHD brain to its full potential.


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