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Ellie Middleton

Personal Brand Manager

Ellie Middleton - She/Her

Personal Brand Manager


I’m a Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence where I work with some of the UK's top business leaders to amplify their voices and connect them with their audience! I love both social media and communication so this role perfectly combines both ☺️


I’m also Head of Community at Neuropool where we help get more neurodivergent people into employment. We work with candidates to offer mentoring and recruitment help, employers for training and recruitment and universities to offer employability programmes. 


I think working with people and marketing really allows my creativity as a neurodivergent to shine - I can see people's stories in a different way and find new ways to connect them with the audience around them. I love being able to do different things, hear different stories and work with different people every day - it keeps things fresh and interesting and keeps me focused!


Personal achievements would have to be my viral LinkedIn post about authenticity, neurodiversity and professionalism. The post has over 3.4 million views and led to a whole trend of people sharing their truth. 

I’ve built up a big community of neurodivergent people on both LinkedIn and TikTok and I love creating a safe space for people to open up and share what they’re going through - our differences should be celebrated not hidden away!


I've followed my passion and raised my real, authentic voice to find a place for myself in the Personal Branding space. I love to help others find their message and communicate it in the best way to their audience. Promoting using your differences as a positive!


It’s just so important, especially for TV and film, to be able to represent people of all backgrounds. When you think of autistic you might just think of a boy like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but no one really thinks ‘black, autistic girl’. People need to understand that it’s not a niche – there’s someone at home watching it and thinking, “I’m so glad that finally I’m understood and I’m seen and I’m not invisible”. I’m just glad to hopefully be a voice for people.
Just keep going. When you do your best, you can never really fail because you know that you did the best you could. Know that people are out there that want to understand you and there are people that celebrate difference. There are people that want to hear you and would love to hear you. When you’re autistic, you’re nervous because you think, ‘what if they don’t understand me?’, or, ‘what if I tell them that I’m autistic and they don’t want me to work with them?’ Well then, they don’t understand and that’s on them, it’s never on you. You can only just keep going and follow your dreams and it’ll all work out.

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