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Bryony Moss

Disabled Actress represented by iNCLUSIVE Talent, Model, Disability & Mental Health Advocate

Bryony Moss - She/Her

Disabled Actress represented by iNCLUSIVE Talent, Model, Disability & Mental Health Advocate


Byrony Moss is an actor, model, blogger, influencer and a disability and mental health advocate. She is studying performing arts and is part of the Theatre Shed theatre company. As well as being neurodivergent, Bryony has cerebral palsy of the right hemiplegia and uses her career to push for better representation of disabled people in the acting and modelling industries. She is also a very keen horse rider and photographer.


Please tell us about your career

Becoming a professional actress and model has been a long journey of self discovery and believing in myself. And to be honest I don’t think I would be doing the work that I do if I wasn’t neurodivergent/disabled. I first thought about wanting to get into acting and modelling as I didn’t see people like me represented on the TV which affected my mental health. I started doing weekend theatre classes and it grew from there. I loved that I could use my emotions and personal experiences in my performances to tell the audience the story. I could feel the work I was doing was helping others.

I think that the work I do is good for neurodivergent women. I find being neurodivergent personally has helped me to adapt and become more creative - I think outside the box. I can use my experiences to create work to help others. And do all of this whilst also being an advocate! I get messages daily saying things like “ wow I’m neurodivergent myself and never thought people like us could achieve things like this”. I love that I help other neurodivergent women realise they can achieve their goals and dreams. I feel really excited and fulfilled with my job. With my line of work, I have a lot of auditions/ castings and many I don’t get. But every audition I do is an big win and achievement for me. I’m doing it for everyone who identifies as being part of the neurodivergent, disabled, south Asian, mental health, care leavers/ adopted community and for anyone who feels or ever felt like they didn’t quite fit in . It’s one step forward towards helping the sector be more diverse and inclusive.

I would love to work as an actress in TV and Film. I would love to be in TV shows such as Waterloo Road, Casualty, Eastenders , Sex Education and Call the Midwife to name just a few! I would also love to work with fashion and beauty brands. A big dream of mine is to model for London Fashion Week and work with the photographer Rankin!


How has being Neurodivergent shaped the direction of your career?

Being neurodivergent has helped me in my acting career. It has helped me to express myself and my body in different characters whilst raising awareness at the same time! I am able to adapt to tasks in different ways and I am more creative and open minded.


What advice would you give to another Neurodivergent woman navigating their way through life?

We are all unique and our skills can positively change the world when we finally accept ourselves for who we are. Not apologising to others when they say “you’re not normal”. Embrace who you really are… because your difference can positively change the world!


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