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Brookemorgan Henry-Rennie

Founder of She Oath and Public Speaker

Brookemorgan Henry-Rennie - She/Her

Founder of She Oath and Public Speaker


Brookemorgan Henry-Rennie is the Founder of She Oath, a social empowerment platform that improves the quality of life for young girls & women. As a community interest company, She Oath aims to give mentees who have experienced homelessness, abuse, mental health difficulties and other challenges, the skills needed to flourish - by providing them with opportunities, coaching, and events that help build self esteem. She Oath has an office in Peckham which operates as a safe space that young women can go to when they need coaching or a self esteem boost. Brookemorgan is a renowned public speaker, often advocating for change while talking from her lived experience of homelessness. Before moving into the not for profit sector, Brookemorgan was a freelance assistant director.

Please tell us about your career

She Oath is my main focus at the minute and what I love about that is the fact that I am working within my purpose. My brand can be a crucial turning point in the life of a trauma experienced young girl or woman. I love how my ideas go from my head into the real world.

I’ve always been creative so I’ve been singing from the age of about 7, and writing since 15, but I wanted to be an actress so I studied music, media and drama. I didn’t like my two front teeth, so I said I wanted to direct. I then set out to do that. I worked my way up the production line, starting as a runner at 15. I am now a freelance assistant director.

With regards to public speaking, I became homeless at 16 and wanted to evoke change for the treatment of vulnerable young people. So I started to use my story of homelessness, mental health and the welfare system to educate and advocate for the voiceless. I then was asked to speak by various corporates, charities and educational establishments.

With She Oath I just wanted to give a piece of my bottomless pit of confidence to every young woman I met with her head down. So I started running small 5-6 person workshops/support groups of how to be confident and the rest was history.

I feel moving into my own office at 22 was amazing. I felt like my work was being recognised. Running my first She Discovers program virtually and getting responses globally from Poland, Canada and across the UK with 100% success rate in terms of referrals was pretty cool. I think being asked to speak at Axis Capital Insurance for International Women’s day and it being broadcasted to Bermuda, USA, China and across the UK was a big accomplishment for me too.

I am extremely proud of how far I’ve come and the sheer amount of resilience I’ve had. As I am talented at multiple things, I could have scrapped She Oath and focused harder on something else a long time ago, but I guess I’m addicted to filling my purpose and everything else comes secondary to that. I also don’t 100% know how I am going to do it but I know 100% I will do it.

My future hopes are to be an angel investor to enable outdated versions of myself to achieve their dreams. I hope that She Oath will be the number 1 brand globally for female self betterment. I would like to have written a couple of books and directed some cool stuff too. And doing a TED’s Talk would also be great too.


How has being Neurodivergent shaped the direction of your career?

When going into the corporate world, I quickly discovered I HAD to work in my purpose doing what I love otherwise my mental health would be negatively affected. So now I run my own ship, I do what I want, when I want and always get the job done.

Do you feel that your job/industry is a good fit for an ND woman?

There are pros and cons to being an ND woman in the business especially in the nonprofit space. Accessing funding has been a MAJOR barrier for me as I’m not good with the applications. However, I feel like it’s a great space for me to be because of the way my brain works when it comes to designing solutions for the problems I’ve identified.


What advice would you give to another Neurodivergent woman navigating their way through life?

Your neurodiverse nature is not a depiction of your value. Find your unique pocket and use it to your advantage.


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