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Amelia Platton

Neurodiverse Lawyer

Amelia Platton - She/Her

Neurodiverse Lawyer


Six months ago, I had just graduated from the University of Leeds with a first-class degree in Law. After experiencing numerous instances of discriminatory graduate job interviews as a result of my dyspraxia and discovering virtually no one online discussing the issues confronting junior neurodivergent aspiring lawyers, I decided to create an Instagram account where I discussed the difficulties I encountered.

The months that followed were all a bit of a blur. I now have a team of 40 incredible volunteers, 17k followers, a podcast, a blog, and upcoming events. My team and I have been featured in a variety of publications (including legal cheek and the Times!), spoken at numerous university events, and worked with top law firms. Perhaps most importantly, I learned to embrace my neurodivergence and stop hating myself for it.

In my personal life, I was diagnosed as autistic and was offered a position as a trainee solicitor at one of the world's largest law firms. Despite this, my proudest achievement will always be messages from people saying I helped them disclose, be proud of, and advocate for their neurodivergence. This is in addition to being a part of the movement that forces companies to include neurodivergence in their diversity and inclusion agendas and begin to put an end to disability being used as a marketing gimmick.

I never imagined I'd be where I am today just 6 months ago, and I'm grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.



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