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Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Emma – the woman who created the Women Beyond the Box Community.

Aside from Women Beyond the Box, I’m a Writer, Speaker and Coach working with women who want to thrive at work and in life. I’m fortunate to be doing work that I’m passionate about, I now show women like you how to achieve this too.

Just four years ago, I reinvented my career following yet another workplace burnout. For many years I worked in the fashion industry at senior level on creative teams including Burberry.

On paper I had the ‘dream career’, it was exciting and fast paced, it ticked many boxes and outwardly I was ‘successful’. I had achieved everything that 17 year old Emma had ever hoped for. Yet here I was, quitting the career that I’d worked hard to create, to pursue another dream – entrepreneurship.

I transformed my life and my career simply by playing to my strengths rather than getting hung up on my weaknesses.

Now companies hire me to facilitate women’s leadership programs, I’m booked to speak on panels and I coach women who, like me four years ago, are desperately seeking a way of working that doesn’t compromise who they truly are.

I should also add that I have ADHD and Dyspraxia – to which I owe much of my success.

A lightbulb moment

Truthfully, the lightbulb moment that inspired Women Beyond the Box happened over two years ago.

After I found out that I had ADHD, I searched online for communities to join, at that time I desperately wanted reassurance and proof that Neurodivergent women could and do thrive in their careers, businesses and life in general. I’d hoped to find women like me, women who were using their innate differences to their advantage, women who were doing well because of their difference - not in spite of it.

The community that I was searching for simply didn’t exist, so I decided to create it.

Our mission

Women Beyond the Box is a London-based online and in real-life community for smart women like you who also happen to be Neurodivergent.

We’re on a mission to:

  • Create a platform that increases our visibility and amplifies our voices.
  • To disrupt the current outdated narrative around Neurodiversity and to engage in fresh conversation with a wider audience.
  • To create opportunities to connect and collaborate with other women who ‘get it’ through events, talks and classes both online and offline.
  • To engage and educate people.
  • To inspire the next generation of Neurodivergent Women.


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